Prepare for the Athletic Event That is Pregnancy, Childbirth and Motherhood

Gone are the days of "taking it easy" during pregnancy, the journey to motherhood is the greatest athletic event a woman will experience, let's train you accordingly! Whether you're a momma to be, a new mom, or a mother looking to begin her postpartum journey even years after giving birth, this program is for you!

Our Battle Body Pre/Post Natal Program includes:

- Core and Pelvic Floor strength and awareness to accommodate a growing belly and help with postpartum recovery

- LIIT (Labor Intensive Interval Training) to mimic and prepare you for the endurance demands of labor

- Functional Strength Training and Strength Training for Activities of Daily Living during early motherhood

- Postpartum core and pelvic floor recovery

- Individual Programing and attention.

- The focus, attention to detail, compassion and commitment that makes Battle Body unique

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