Battle Body: A New Kind of Workout

Battle Body is changing the game with a groundbreaking approach to fitness! We are shifting the focus from quick fixes, weigh ins, measurements, and prepping for certain seasons to full, positive, healthy lifestyle change. We are aware that everyone seeks out training for their own personal and specific reason, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.
At Battle Body, all levels are welcomed and celebrated, workouts are designed to challenge and uplift you, not make you feel intimidated, and injuries or physical limitations are acknowledged and tended to with care.
Everyone embarks on their fitness journey for their own personal, specific reason and it is our mission to not only help you reach the goals you set out to achieve, but transform your approach to fitness and make you feel powerful and confident in your own skin. Every body, is a Battle Body!

Emilie Battle
Founder/Master Trainer

Certified Pilates Instructor- Pilates Academy International
Certified Personal Trainer - NASM
Performance Enhancement Specialist - NASM
Pre/Post Natal Performance Training Specialist- PROnatal
Transformative Feedback- PROnatal
CPR /AED- American Heart Association

Juliet Brooks
‍Master Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer- NASM
Certified Nutrition Coach- NASM
Pre/Post Natal Performance Training Specialist Pronatal Fitness